The People That Keep Wilmot Running Smoothly

Our culture statement

A business that values it’s people and family above all; embodying respect, inclusivity, mentorship and open communication while providing a positive and constructive learning environment that prioritises our team’s growth, and physical and mental wellbeing.


We are a small team; each of us passionate about the part we play and focussed on achieving the goals of the business. We are committed to the ecological improvement of our land, coupled with cattle and beef production to return a long-term profit.

We are committed to continuous professional development engaging in a range of learning opportunities. All of our team are graduates of the RCS Grazing For-Profit school and Low-Stress Stockhandling School.


Stuart Austin & Trish Cowley

General Manager & Group Business Analyst, Wilmot


Grant & Tanya Wickham

Managers, Woodburn


Patrick Bourke & Hilary Thrift

Operations Manager, Wilmot


Brent Smyth & Bec Luxford

Managers, Morocco

Shane & Lenore Curtis

Shane & Lenore Curtis

Managers, Paradise creek


Alasdair MacLeod


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