Paradise Creek Station was acquired in 2022 as the next phase of expansion. Nestled amongst the confluence of three waterways, the Macintyre River, Paradise Creek, and Back Creek, it is comprised of beautiful basalt soils that are synonymous with the Inverell area. Paradise Creek is 2,575ha and ranges in elevation from 800m at the riverbed, up to almost 1,000m on the hilltops, and average annual rainfall of 870mm.

We were looking for an under developed asset with a strong soil base and good rainfall, and that is what we have found at Paradise Creek. Being predominantly native pasture and only about 30 paddocks, almost entirely naturally watered, we can see significant upside through development.

This program will include a reticulated water system, a tripling of the number of paddocks, multi species pasture improvement, and of course much more intensive grazing management. Being a fundamentally strong soil, we are starting from a relatively high base line soil organic carbon level, which should mean the rate of change is reasonably rapid, provided we apply the right management, in the right place, at the right time.

The mix of open gently sloping valley floors to steeper higher elevation country will lend itself to a mix of breeding and trading enterprises in the future.

Paradise Creek has registered and baselined a Soil Carbon project under the Emissions Reduction Fund scheme.

  • 2929 Elsmore Rd,
    Inverell, NSW 2360