Morocco was acquired in 2019 to allow the business to continue trading through the cooler winter months, in a milder climate. At 2,158ha, including 160ha of centre pivot irrigation, it provides an excellent diversity of feed for livestock right through the Winter months, also enabling almost year round turn off of grass finished animals.

Morocco comprises quite a variety of soil types, from light gravelly loam, to red basalt, and a large portion of deep, rich, heavy black basalt. This variety of soil types enables us to grow a diversity of both temperate and tropical grasses, herbs, forbs and legumes.

We saw potential at Morocco to turn degraded farmland back into highly productive grazing land, using the regenerative principles that we had been applying at Wilmot and Woodburn. We are confident that this will result in significant increases in soil organic carbon.

Morocco includes approximately 160ha of centre pivot irrigation, all being developed to permanent pasture. We don’t use the irrigation to maximise production, but rather as an insurance policy for when the weather pattern turns dry and we’d like to maintain production.

Morocco has registered and baselined a Soil Carbon project under the Emissions Reduction Fund scheme.

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