We are a data driven business and believe you can’t manage what you don’t measure.
Our comprehensive and consistent DATA is a great asset.

We seek continuous improvement, always looking at ways to capture data that will inform decision making. This culture of innovation led us to contribute to the development of MaiaGrazing.

MaiaGrazing is our most powerful decision making tool. It enables us to incorporate the first three grazing principles of planning, rest, and matching stocking rate to carrying capacity into our operations. As a result, we continually optimise our livestock numbers in order to harvest our grass efficiently, converting it into kilograms of beef, profitably.

We utilise Sapien Technology’s KoolCollect and KoolPerform software, through which we capture as much data as we can at an individual animal level. This data informs the decisions we make about each animal and allows us to analyse individual animal performance, source, destination, and what contribution they made to our business.

Our water systems are monitored using FarmBot’s tank monitors. This system has paid for itself time and again, alerting us to issues with our water supply well before it has impacted supply to livestock.

When considering any new innovation or technology, we always ask ourselves these three questions:

  • What decision do I want to make with the information this tech will provide me?
  • What is the cost of this tech
  • What is the value of the decisions I will make with this tech and how does that compare to the cost?
Balancing financial profitability with ecological gains is absolutely at the core of everything we do.

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