‘We firmly believe that you can’t manage what you don’t measure’


Stuart Austin & Trish Cowley

General Manager & Group Business Analyst

Stu and Trisha’s complementary personalities make them a powerful duo. Stu being the big picture strategic thinker, driven by the vision and goals of the business, Trish the quiet achiever, a deep thinker focused on the detail. Together they share a passion for the vision of WCC, and all that it speaks to in terms of land regeneration for the health of our planet and its people.

Stu has an Associate Degree in Agribusiness, and Trish a Masters in Rangeland Management, and both spent a number of years in northern Australia, as well as living and working overseas.

They consider living at Wilmot a privilege, and they don’t take for granted the opportunity to raise their family in such a beautiful environment. Stu enjoys golf and tennis in his spare time, and Trish yoga and bushwalking. Together they contribute to the local community wherever possible.

Stu regularly shares the Wilmot story through webinars, podcasts, as a guest speaker at conferences and field days, and is a recent graduate of the Australian Rural Leadership Program.