‘The changes at Morocco have allowed us to have a positive outlook
and a drive to continue along the “regen ag” pathway’


Brent Smyth & Bec Luxford

Operations Managers, Morocco

Brent and Bec joined the Wilmot Cattle Co team shortly after the company purchased Morocco, in the midst of the biggest drought in history.

Both had upbringings in the beef industry, Brent on a large property in New England and Bec growing up droving. They share a deep love for horses, dogs and cattle.

Brent and Bec have experienced great change at Morocco. They have seen a dry desolate property transformed into a thriving abundant ecosystem. This change has motivated them to continue along the regen ag pathway. They feel part of a supportive team, from Head Office to the agronomist, farming contractor, and casual help.

If Brent and Bec are not onsite on a weekend generally, they are away competing at campdrafts or Rodeos, enjoying their horses.