Supplier Info

Supplier Info

Cattle In The Green Pastures At Woodburn


While our core Angus breeding herd at Woodburn is largely self-replacing, from time to time we are sourcing breeding females. Our requirement specs are:

  • Low maintenance and moderate frame – ability to thrive unassisted in tough times
  • Fertile and functional – we want reproductive longevity
  • Grass finishing genetics – moderate cow size + high fertility should = high marbling
Cattle Grazing In The Fields At Wilmot


We turnover approximately 3000 – 5000 trade cattle per annum. These cattle are generally purchased as restockers and taken through to feeder weights. Our requirement specs (usually) are:

  • Preferably Angus or Angus Cross steers or heifers
  • 270 – 330kg milk teeth only

We will always consider cattle outside these specs.

Wilmot Cattle grazing in a green field

Finishing – Natural Grass-fed

Our finishing enterprise is our long-term focus. Our goal is to be a leading producer of high quality, consistent, natural, 100% grass-fed cattle. For this enterprise we require:

All the specs of the Trading Enterprise plus:

  • 100% Antibiotic Free
  • No added Hormone Growth Promotants or implants
  • Never been confined or tethered
  • Pasture fed only and not fed any grain at any time
  • NLIS lifetime traceability
  • Free to roam and nourish from their mother’s milk, grass, and fresh water at all times

If all these conditions have been met, we require the WCC Producer Eligibility Statement WCC Producer Eligibility Statement to be signed by the Vendor and this Statement MUST accompany the National Vendor Declaration at the time of delivery. Failure for this paperwork to be supplied may result in delayed payment.